This is the Average Reaction Time of a Pro Gamer

This is the Average Reaction Time of a Pro Gamer

Cutting edge pro gamers have reaction times faster than even the top level of speed touch-typists (yeah, there used to be actual competitions for that, back when your mom was young); they take 6.7 actions per second; that’s 402 per minute, or 1800 in a half-hour eSports game! Can you pull that off? Didn’t think so. But there’s a bunch of ways you can up your game and better your reaction times so you can win! Listen up…

Real Proof

The average reaction time of a pro gamer is 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. A 2015 medical study of visual and auditory reaction times conducted using 120 medical students aged 18 to 20 years old, comprised of both traditional genders, arrived at some interesting conclusions, but first, their factors for this study (reported by NIMH in the United States) for getting the cutting edge on reaction times (RTs):

  • get enough sleep
  • stay chill; your average reaction times are slower if you’re freaked out
  • your age and gender
  • left- or right-handed
  • central versus peripheral vision
  • if you’ve had enough to eat or have been fasting
  • the amount of practice you’ve had (any pro musician will tell you 10,000 hours of dedicated practice before you can call yourself a pro)
  • level of regular exercise
  • your overall level of intelligence
  • personality type

Obviously, some of these are flexible and can be ameliorated by lifestyle changes and the addition of Nootropic supplements to your diet; others are fixed and maybe you win or lose due to factors outside your control. What were the general conclusions? Guys are faster (sorry, ladies!); visual stimulation results in quicker RTs than auditory; gamers who exercise regularly have speedier RTs.

Athletes (especially racecar drivers, who deal with a whole different set of physical requirements, not just strength and agility, but also acute mental focus for intense, very hot, long periods), Fortune 500 CEOs and top-level military personnel (think Navy Seals) hone their reaction times at the legendary Human Performance Institute in Florida. Founded by a couple of Canadian doctors about 30 years ago, the elite attend HPI to improve their overall physical and mental performance, but also such specific things as reaction times.

How to Up Your Ante in Reaction Times

Fact is, it doesn’t matter if you’re into FPS games like Fortnite or CSGO, TBS games, or RTS games (like Starcraft), you need ace average reaction times to be competitive in eSports and be able to win. The stakes are high; the prizes are awesome! Average reaction times (and we mean consistency here; having one super-fast reaction moment and then one not-so-fast RT isn’t going to up your game overall) are pivotal to success in eSports, and to winning.

What can you do to improve your average reaction times as a pro gamer, or even enthusiast gamer? Yeah, your mom was right: eat properly, get regular exercise and hit the sack for eight hours of solid ZZZs every night. Also, if you imbibe, do it in small amounts and infrequently, never before you play, and don’t smoke. Ciggies or pot.

Here’s a few ways you can get the cutting edge on average reaction times in eSports:

  • Figure out (your doctor can help) what your weaknesses might be in terms of overall health (mental and physical) and find a Nootropic supplement that can fill in the gap. For example, if your vision is not what you need it to be, try a supplement like Lutein or Beta-Carotene, both of which provide enhanced nutrients for good eyesight (or you could get your eyeglasses prescription upgraded).
  • Alertness being key, find a supplement for gamers that keeps you alert for concentrated periods of time, but does not compromise your regular sleep patterns.
  • Practise. And again, and again. Ten thousand hours…
  • Play table tennis, AKA ping-pong.
  • Meditate to ensure you’re sufficiently chilled out, not so tense you can’t steel yourself to play.
  • Play catch with a six-sided rubber ball; do it fast.

In order to improve the average reaction time of a pro gamer, even if you’re not pro (yet), you need to enhance the stimulation of neurotransmitters, and boost adrenaline. Nootropic supplements are a safe, fast way to support speedy RTs.

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