​If That Sounds Good To You, Watch This:


  • ​Lack of focus or concentration in your game leading to really bad scores or one loss after the other?
  • ​Getting absolutely owned by the competition & can't figure out the ​annoying reason why
  • ​Feeling like no matter how much you game, you aren't getting any better?
  • ​Anxiety & tension while playing an intense match which hinders your overall performance
  • ​Fatigue and even burnout from playing too hard or too long trying to win more matches
  • ​A burning ​frustration that you feel you'll never be good enough to beat your top competitors

​...then you're not the only gamer alone! Read on...

When You're More Focused...

​& More ​Alert...

You Can Spot Enemies Faster,

More Easily, and Get a...


Every Gamer Has Their "Secret Weapon"...

Every gamer who ​slays their competition has something that gives them the "edge" in the virtual battlefield.

Whether it's a better mouse/keyboard, more practice, a bigger screen, ​higher-end headphones, or maybe even something that's not that apparent...

Could it be that they're using something you don't even know about?

What Really Matters...

​If you're a serious gamer, there are only two things that really matter to you:

1) Your score & Kill/Death Ratio

Any serious enthusiast or pro gamer will always aim to increase their overall score and improve their kill/death ratio (if they're playing FPS games).

By increasing this over time, ​you'll be able to jump up the winners ranks quickly and start showing up more on the leader board. It's that simple.

​2) How Many Times You've Won vs. Lost

​Once ​you've mastered upping ​your scores and kill/death ratio (KDR), then the question is how many times have ​you won overall vs. how many times have ​you lost. 

This win/lose ratio is important because it shows how good of a gamer ​you are. The higher the ratio, the more pro ​you are vs. ​your competition.

​What's Stopping You Now?

​here Are a Few ​Areas That Could Be Stopping You From Getting INTo The Winner's Circle:

  1. 1
    Hardware & Internet - If you have a crap PC or old console that lags and the gameplay feels sluggish, or if your internet speed sucks and you constantly find yourself a ​too many milliseconds ​behind, that can definitely affect your performance & overall score. So the main thing is - invest in good "tools" so you have a foundation to master your craft.
  2. 2
    Proper Practice - This one is common sense. If you don't practice - often, consistently, and in the proper way, then your results won't be good enough to become the top leader. Practice correctly, frequently, and in the ideal mental state to succeed, which brings us to the next point...
  3. 3
    Focus - If your focus, concentration, and overall alertness isn't optimal, then your practice routine won't be that effective, and you'll ​get mediocre results - in other words, you'll lose more often and your score will blow.
  4. 4
    Accuracy & Speed - Without focus & optimal mental performance, your accuracy and speed (reaction times) will be way below what they could be. Yes, that means your score will ​most likely seriously suffer...
  5. 5
    Higher Scores - If you've reached this point, your score should have dramatically increased, which leads you to...
  6. 6
    More Wins - and this is where you start climbing the leaderboard to finally get to the coveted...
  7. 7
    Winner's Circle - this is where you want to be. Time to bask in the glory!

Core Benefits* of
HyperFocus Elite:

  • Enhanced support for increased focus to be able to concentrate better in your game
  • ​When you have better concentration & focus you'll be able to ​win more games
  • ​For FPS gamers, the ability to accurately target the enemy faster & more precisely directly correlates to ​a higher score

​Transparent Ingredient LIST

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  • Natural Vitamins & Minerals
  • Optimally Formulated for Maximum Effect
  • 30 Servings to Last a Full Month of Focus

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