How to Get Better at Aiming in Fortnite (Quick Hacks)

How to Get Better at Aiming in Fortnite (Quick Hacks)

Want to be the last man standing? The ultimate winner in Fortnite Battle Royale? There are tons of things that help build a winner, but these quick hacks to help you get better aim in Fortnite are a good basic way to bend.

It boils down to accuracy. Period. An accurate aim will massively increase the odds of a direct hit and killing off your enemy(ies). You’ve got a major gift in your weapon: crosshairs. They’ve been in play almost since guns were invented, and they zero in directly on what you want to blow away with a fast single shot. Nothing makes taking accurate aim easier, but gamers get lost in the colours and sound and action, and forget to stay calm and train the crosshair on the target subject. They’re too focussed on just the thrill of the win, instead of how you get there. Fast and steady wins. Get your enemy smack in the middle of the weapon’s crosshair.

Hack Number One

This is totally simple. Before you even take aim, actually, before you join the game, make adjustments to your PC and mouse. These can quickly improve your aim. If you set your mouse at high sensitivity, stuff moves at lightning speed; you’re in for super quick-shots. Low sensitivity offers excellent support for shooting, but slows down your ability to really craft your moves. Start low and work up.

Hack Number Two

See Hack Number One above; you can adjust your PC and mouse to be faster as your aim improves. Challenge yourself! Leave your comfort zone behind. Risk failure to the benefit of better aim. Keep at it. Turn it up a notch. When you’ve worked at one level of speed for a while, don’t get all complacent, crack it. Go faster and as soon as you’ve got that down, go even faster.

Hack Number Three

Anticipate your enemy’s next moves. Be logical, but also remember, it’s virtual and almost anything can happen in a fraction of a second. Stay alert and in the zone. Pay attention. Develop a sense of how your opponent “is” and what they might do next.

Hack Number Four

Hone your skills, mostly your reflexes and reaction times. This happens with abundant practice, but can also be enhanced more rapidly through the use of supplements for gamers that use natural ingredients (such as brain stimulants) to boost existing abilities and talents. Check out the Nootropics, available on line, that are designed just for gamers, and give yourself the leading edge to improve your aim.

Hack Number Five

Know your weapon. In battle, it’s your best buddy, and the better you know it, the better you can land kill shots. Is it hitscan? Projectile? Read up. Learn about your weapon. Make friends with it. A gun is a gun, right? Not so fast… Different types of guns and weapons can have an impact on a gamer’s accuracy in landing a shot, in making perfect aim. Bullet types, too, affect your shot, and aim is the essential precursor to your shot. Knowledge is not just power, it’s the difference between winning and losing.

Finally, let’s go back to where we started: crosshairs. Yup, they’re the precision tool your eyes need to land a dead-on shot. But where to set your crosshairs when you aim? At the head? Nope. Go dead centre on the body of your enemy. That way if he moves even a smidgen to one side or another, or jumps or crouches, you’re still trained on some part of his body. The closer to the core, the greater the odds of a hit. And a win!

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