...and we found not only did they make us feel a sense of wellbeing, but we noticed that our capacity for better focus, attention, and energy increased, which improved our gaming results. Higher scores - and the glass ceiling was finally shattered!

We wanted to give professional and enthusiast gamers the performance enhancement they need, so they can crush their enemies online and claim dominance of first place in the virtual battlefields.

Are you ready to bring your game to the next level?

What if we told you that we were sick of losing...

Seriously?! Nah, that's just part of it... How did Gamer's Formula actually start? Let us share with you our story...

Let's cut to the point without wasting your precious time (that you could be gaming with instead!)

Whenever we played games, we did it seriously and the only goal was to win. Whether it was our favourite FPS or RTS game, it didn't matter... 

...we couldn't accept coming in second place.

The problem was that eventually we hit an upper limit of our game performance, no matter how much we played. The glass ceiling of maximum scores became increasingly frustrating, and soon - unbearable. Surely there was another way to break beyond our limits? We began the search for more...

Not even the best gaming gear would do... it became physical & psychological. We knew that we had to enhance something within ourselves to reach the next level of performance.

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