7 Benefits of Nootropics That Every Gamer Should Know

7 Benefits of Nootropics That Every Gamer Should Know

No doubt about it: the competition is getting stiffer by the tournament… could the benefits of Nootropics be the answer to becoming a better gamer?

So, how do you, amateur gamer, hoping to turn pro someday, or professional gamer in the now, get and keep the competitive edge? There’s a lot at stake. Williams Aubin, a 19-year-old Canadian guy just won the Fortnite World Cup (July 2019) and walked away with about a million bucks in prize money. Aubin, whose handle is “Zayt”, caught his share of about $40,000,000 in total prize cash, but there were also 40 million gamers trying to qualify for the tournament. Is Aubin lucky? Smart? What gives him his gamer’s edge?

It takes a rare combination of extreme dexterity and high-level brain function, especially switching, mashed with super-alertness to win mega-bucks like Aubin did. As the bar gets higher, and the ranks fill out, gamers need to be at the pinnacle of their game. Given that most gamers, amateur or pro, are males between 15 and 25, they are at their peak for accurate, speedy brain function; older people, male and female, just don’t have that snap reaction. Like motor racing, competitive gaming, because it taxes the brain and body, is the domain of the young.

Sitting around half the night eating pizza and playing games like Fortnite or League of Legends isn’t going to cut it. To get into the zone, gamers need to make sure these aspects of their lives are covered:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Eat properly, whole foods, not junk, and watch your sugar intake (it will zing you, but the effect is temporary and the crash can be huge).
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Move your body as well as your brain. Exercise.
  5. Avoid alcohol.

Is this enough to get gamers into the zone and keep them there? Depends. No two human beings are concocted the same way. For some, a cup of black coffee is all they need for stimulation. Others can drink 10 in a row and fall asleep. So, getting the edge and finding the zone can need a helpful boost now and then. There are risks to any form of external stimulants; be aware and beware.

Chemical Stimulants

We’re talking coffee, tea, dark chocolate, stuff you have in your house, as well as prescription drugs like amphetamines, and inhaled chemicals such as nicotine. All of these can enhance alertness on a temporary basis (the caffeine “high” lasts about 20 minutes; then what?).

So far, testing for doping isn’t prevalent in eSports, but it may be in the future. A cup of joe won’t mess with your bloodwork, but amphetamines will and they’ll show up in tests; this could result in elimination from competition. As eSports grows (and it’s growing like crazy!) the complexity of the game will increase and only the best gamers will rise to the money-making top. Do it without drugs. And remember: all drugs have side-effects.

And totally forget about micro-dosing illegal drugs. Don’t even think about taking that risk. Nuff said.

Supplements for Gamers

Here’s your safe zone. Supplements, which are not drugs, are used globally to enhance body functions and make up for deficiencies in well being. For example, let’s say you’re vegan. Odds are you don’t get enough protein, so a supplement containing protein can make up for what you lack in your diet. Or if you get too many cold sores, then your body isn’t ingesting or producing enough of an amino-acid called L-Lysine; you can get it in a supplement. Problem solved.

Rather than altering your constitution like drugs and other stimulants can do, supplements can enhance and improve your existing brain and body health to get you in the zone, and hang there for the entire time you need to stay competitive.

Nootropics and Gamers

Sounds like a fruity drink; isn’t. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are designed to ameliorate these aspects of your brain functionality:

  • memory
  • creativity
  • motivation

Nootropics are FDA regulated in the USA; manufacturers cannot make false claims such as them having healing powers or being able to cure a condition. What they do is enhance what you’ve got. They contain a range of supplements, frequently including Omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, zinc, B1, B6 and B12, vitamin E, and L-Theanine. Lutein, another supplement for gamers, promotes eye health, probably by filtering out harmful UV rays; it’s used routinely by veterinarians in treating vision problems in cats and dogs. Iron, too, helps. Cognizin supplies your brain with necessary energy. All of these work toward enhancing your cognitive function, especially when ingested on a daily basis, so ensure regular use to maintain optimum health and alertness.

You know when a major supplement maker joins eSports as a big-bucks sponsor, they’re serious. Nubria Zone, designed to boost health and well being using evidence-based brain health supplements, is sponsoring tournaments.

What are the 7 benefits of Nootropics that every pro gamer should know? Pro gamers rely upon fast reflexes; they make 6.7 actions per second. Whew! This requires quick reactions, and simultaneously keeping you successful and healthy. Here’s your seven “wants” list that supplements will benefit:

  1. To be able to perform complex tasks
  2. To remain calm under pressure
  3. To facilitate snap decision making
  4. To handle long periods of intense focus
  5. To ensure enhanced peripheral vision
  6. To own super-fast reaction times
  7. To have facile attention-switching capabilities

Can you find all 7 benefits in other ways than supplements for gamers? Sure. You could eat a bucketload of blueberries, or ten bunches of carrots. The key is to get the right combination of supplements that will benefit pro gamers (and those with goals of being pro gamers!). The manufacturers of Nootropics for gamers know what ingredients to use and exactly how much of each to include for peak performance in eSports. Don’t guess; there’s too much at stake (your health, for starters, and seven-figure potential cash winnings!).

About Herbs (Quickly)

Herbal “medicines” are largely untested and unproven, but some can produce effects reverse to the goals of pro gamers. Sage, in large doses, can be toxic. Ginseng can affect hormones. Just stick to supplements with long track records of dietary use and benefits, now designed exclusively for the needs of pro gamers. Get the edge, slide into the zone. Put all you’ve got into your game. Let supplements and Nootropics put all they’ve got into you. And go win!

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